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Greetings everyone!

Introduction: Seahawk Cyber is a student-led cybersecurity club sponsored by Mr.Lawrence. We participate in various CTF’s, hackathons, etc.. Every year our club also competes in the annual Cyberpatriot Competition, in which competitors secure a variety of systems in a simulated corporate environment. This competition is a great opportunity for anyone who may be interested in a career in cybersecurity and provides valuable hands-on experience. 

To join the club: If you have not joined the Discord server yet, you should join through this invite link: [RETRACTED, if you need the URL, please email the club]. If you do not already have a Discord account, you can register for one at for free with your personal email address. We hold weekly club meetings and make important announcements through Discord. Once you’ve joined the server, you will need to verify your identity in the verification channel; this is to prevent anyone not from FCPS joining. 

To compete: Once you are a member of the club, it is encouraged that you sign up for the Cyberpatriot Competition, a competition fee of $40 is required to participate. This competition is a great opportunity to practice hands-on cybersecurity in a simulated environment. After joining the discord server and becoming a verified member of the club, you can sign up for the competition by following these steps:

  1. DM me (Chris Z)  your personal email address on Discord.
  2. The Cyberpatriot program will email you with a form to fill out.
  3. Once you have submitted that form, have your parents log in to MySchoolBucks to pay the competition fee.
    1. Login to:
    2. Click on “School Store Payments”
    3. Click on “Browse all items”
    4. Check the “South Lakes High” & “[GROUP] Club Dues” boxes on the left panel
    5. Select “View details” of “Seahawk Cyber Club”
    6. From there select the name of the competitor and check out.
  4. Once I have received confirmation that you have paid the registration fee, you will be listed as a competitor on the club website, This website is the official indicator of whether you have been registered to compete.

The deadline to register for the competition is Oct. 14th. If you do not see your name added to the website on or before that date, then you will not be able to compete.


Chris & the management team

For up to date announcements, check the club Discord server, which you can join in the Meetings tab.